Future Forward Summit

The Future Forward Summit aims to bring together people from all over the world who are connected to higher education and who are a part of making a positive change for sustainability. We believe that in a world in transition, everyone is a part of the change.

Expect a conference where you will explore the inspiration driving the game-changing pioneers and learn how others dealt with our common challenges. And finally, you’ll bring it all back  to your own ideas and projects: futureproof your project design with the help of like-minded colleagues and the input of experts from unexpected backgrounds.    

For who?

For driven educators and education innovators: Education is your tool of choice for creating a better world.
For driven researchers: You know that new types of knowledge and methods are needed to fuel the transition to sustainability.
For driven students: You are always looking for new insights that can sharpen your persuasiveness as a change-maker.


The workshop proposal should provide fresh perspectives and share innovative practices or renewal processes that support a sustainable future. Proposals should be aligned with one of the following topics:

  • Together we can change the weather
    Collaboration within higher education and with external stakeholders is necessary to achieve steps forward in sustainable challenges. Within this topic we focus on collaboration, co-creation, inter- and transdisciplinarity, community-building, service learning, living labs… 
  • Interventions in educational settings
    How can we recondition education to become education for sustainable development? We focus on transforming learning environments and building educators’ capacities.
  • Wicked problems tackled  
    How can higher education and research play a role in dealing with wicked problems? How did you embrace complexity and uncertainty to strengthen your education and research? 
  • State of the art
    Creating space for experiments and innovation is important in higher education. Within this topic we focus on innovative projects that are already unexpectedly, breaking through barriers or hacking problems in the traditional (educational) system. We let people speak who managed to find creative ways of rethinking the box.
  • The force of policy  
    Within this topic we take a look at the force of policy in higher education and external policy makers. How can policy create a pathway for positive change? How can the barriers impeding this change be overcome?



of the workshop, presentation or poster
(duration 1 hour or 2 hours)

We want participants to learn from you. How did you approach your activities? How did you get over the hurdles? What are the steps of your approach, your methodology? How can a participant get started? …and so on. Share your tools with the participants to help them on their way. Teach them the tricks of your trade. 


We warmly invite you to be inspired by the following principles when designing your workshop or presentation:

  • Make it as participatory as possible.
  • Create room for dialogue and collaborative thinking.
  • Transform unknown participants into warm acquaintances.
  • Make it unexpected: explore the elements of surprise and serendipity, take a guest with you, rethink the box!
  • Tell stories, imagine! Create understanding that goes beyond the everyday.
  • Dare to look critically at you own practice. Mistakes provide rich learning opportunities. 

Proposals are welcome until 25th May, 2018.
We will let you know in early June whether your proposal has been retained.
Retained proposals will be published on the website www.futureforwardsummit.com.
Author, title and abstract will be visible, with the aim of building a solid network.

05 november: Samen voor duurzaam landschapsonderhoud

Hoe kunnen we onze landschappen op een kwalitatieve manier onderhouden?

29 november: het groeipotentieel van Vlaamse bio-energie

Over de rol van biomassa in de energietransitie

13 november: Praktijkdag Participatie

Inzichten, praktijken en instrumenten om op een participatieve manier het beleid van de komende legislatuur vorm te geven

Burgers werken samen aan hernieuwbare energieprojecten

Niet-particuliere investeringen in duurzame energie, om de energietransitie te versnellen.

VN-klimaatrapport klinkt alarmerend

De komende 10 jaar zijn cruciaal

De effecten van luchtverontreiniging op de gezondheid

Luchtverontreiniging heeft niet alleen impact op longen, maar ook op hart- en bloedvaten