Sustainability of supply chains and sustainable public procurement

UNEP komt naar buiten met de resultaten van een vooronderzoek rond duurzame overheidsopdrachten: pdf bestandSustainability of Supply Chains and Sustainable Public Procurement 2014.pdf (3.95 MB)

Sustainable public procurement is increasingly being used as a means for governments to transform markets and transition towards a greener economy. In a 2013 report released by UNEP on the Global State of SPP, 56 countries were identified as having a government/ministry with a policy on sustainable public procurement (SPP), and that number is predicted to grow in coming years. The benefits of having a clear policy on SPP are numerous –in addition to giving a clear indication of a government’s willingness to lead by example in the promotion of sustainable consumption and production practices, this commitment communicates clear and predictable sustainability requirements to the market for the goods and services acquired by public agencies.

For this reason, SPP plays a very important role in promoting the dissemination of sustainable production practices through supply chains. It has the potential to promote the improvement of companies’ performance along supply chains, including small- and medium-sized enterprises located in developing countries and emerging economies, by offering them a clear benchmark of sustainability to which their production processes and end products should align. Companies, including small- and medium-sized enterprises, are already taking advantage of these opportunities for innovation by positioning themselves as leaders in sustainability, gaining a competitive advantage in the market of SPP.

This pre-study is an important milestone in advancing the understanding of the implications, opportunities, and challenges associated with sustainable public procurement and supply chain sustainability. It builds on the excellent partnership between UNEP and SEMCo, and contributes to the development of the working group 4A on “Greening Supply Chains” of the 10YFP SPP Programme, previously of the Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative (SPPI). With this pre-study, the current work plan of working group 4A comes to a close, but it is our sincere wish that the 10YFP SPP Programme can build on the recommendations of this study and continue the effort of promoting sustainable development through the combined approach of SPP and sustainability along supply chains.

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